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We Position You to Lead the Process

It is not unusual for the clients of our partners to pay an effective tax rate under 10%, or in some cases end up paying zero taxes. In one case, a client who worked with one of our partners paid $1.2 million in taxes on $60 million in earnings. To achieve this outcome, we combined 9 different strategies over a 3-year period.


The real question is: what difference would it make in your business if you knew how to present and recommend strategies like the one above? What difference would it make if you had a back-office team of specialists who could develop customized strategies for your clients and teach you how to direct the conversation? 


If you’d like to explore what working with us would look like for your firm, click the button below and let’s get started.

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Beyond Referrals: The Family Office Model

The conventional model for tax planning tends to rely too heavily on third-party referrals. An advisor might refer a client to a CPA or outside tax planner or refer an attorney to help with estate planning. This approach leads to fragmented or inconsistent advice and missed opportunities. Worse yet, referring your client to a different firm weakens your positioning and sends the message that you are not the primary expert.

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Our Process

The family office model, which our firm embraces, is precisely the opposite of the referral approach. We will teach you how to ask the right questions and maintain control of the process, then bringing us into the meeting as part of your internal team.

Our advisor partners see a rapid uptick in new client acquisition, while their clients achieve results, they had no idea were possible. Our proven educational approach has helped advisors immediately stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to make your firm look great, make you a hero to your clients, and achieve incredible record-breaking growth. We know that our process works because we’ve seen advisors succeed over and over by following our formula and partnering with us to deliver one-of-a-kind strategies for their clients.


  • Discovery: Our process begins by getting to know your team, your business goals, current capabilities, and areas of specialization.

  • Education: We show you how to speak the language of your ideal client, how to identify the biggest tax-saving opportunities that most advisors overlook, and how to instantly boost your credibility with the clients you want.

  • Strategy delivery: When you work with a high-net-worth client, we coach you through the questions to ask and the areas to focus on during your consultations. We then work directly with you behind the scenes to create a financial strategy specific to your client.

How We Deliver

Our secret to achieving unprecedented results for our advisor partners and their clients is simple: we work in the intersection of tax planning, investments, and legal/estate strategy. The best financial advisors educate themselves in all three of these areas in an easy-to-follow, consolidated training program focused on exactly what you need to know. Click the button below to set up a call and learn more about the possibility of working with our team.

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